Physicians are faced with a medical economic crisis today. Aging business systems, declining reimbursement, utilization oversight, increased demands from patients, and inefficient process flow impact the bottom line. Physicians must either maximize reimbursement and/or reduce expenses to maintain or enhance their income level. An efficient business system based on the adoption of modern technology is a necessary prerequisite.

Status quo is no longer an option as potential income deterioration is a reality. Five years from now, physicians will view today’s disconcerting economic environment as one they yearn for.  That in itself is a prime reason to act now. While many practices are being acquired by hospitals and health systems, the stand-alone practice is a sustainable model with income-earning potential exceeding the employed physicians in the long term.

I bring over 40 years of healthcare experience with payors and providers in hospital administration and finance, managed care systems and contracting, long term care, physician practice management, and consulting. I am recognized as a healthcare subject matter expert. I offer the following services to current and prospective clients:

  • Advisory Services

    Providing Physician Groups with ongoing management, oversight, and strategic advisory services on a recurring basis at a minimum of five hours per month including interface with physician group partners, the on-site practice management designee, and the accountant who prepares the financial statements. Read More
  • Valuation Services

    A definitive answer for practice valuation is elusive, whether the task is the purchase of the ownership interest of a retiring physician partner, or the fair market value to be charged to an associate who is buying an ownership interest in an existing practice. Read More
  • Consulting Services

    On-site interviews with key stakeholders plus a workflow evaluation will be conducted. There will also be off-site analysis and result formulation, fine-tuning, and a final presentation of findings.  The final report will summarize the project background, assumptions and methods employed, current performance gaps, conclusions and recommendations. Read More
  • I am committed to providing physicians and other providers with practical, concrete solutions and delivering tangible benefits based on 40 years experience working with providers, payors, and managed care organizations. Engagements can be structured per project or based on an hourly rate with a half day minimum. Contact Us
Rosmarin Consulting will:

  • Enhance operational efficiencies
  • Optimize practice process flow
  • Increase income and profitability
  • Develop and quantify an exit strategy



For more information about any of the services I offer, contact me at:
972 361 0011 office
or 214 507 1838 cell phone,
or email at aj@rosmarinconsulting.com.
A. J. Rosmarin